Style & Pride

At Noble Barber & Beauty, we treat our customers like royalty and proudly deliver excellent hair care and beauty services. Open Tuesday-Saturday. Appointments preferred. Cash or cash apps accepted.

The Noble Experience 

Our clients tend to be busy people who love to look good, but prefer to spend time with their families, on the their jobs or working in their communities as opposed to passing hours in a barbershop or salon. We value their time and patronage and that is why Noble prefers that customers make appointments for services. Walk-ins are OK, and we will fit you in if we can. 

Our Atmosphere

Salons and barbershops are places of conversation. It’s the same at Noble, but in a refined manner. You won’t have to yell to hear yourself speak. Or, you can choose to say nothing while waiting for your appointment, and watch one of our many TVs. The choice is yours.

Hair Styles

Your hair is a distinguishing feature, like a crown. Everyone’s hair is unique and our experienced professionals not only style your hair, they help you keep it healthy. 

By Appointment

We want to keep you looking good within the constraints of your busy schedule. Who has all day to spend waiting to get in the barber’s chair or seen by a beautician? 


In addition to being hair experts, Noble Barber & Beauty also has professionals who specialize in makeup and facials. This helps to complete your noble look.

Noble Clients 

We keep our customers happy and looking good. Once you discover the Noble Barber & Beauty experience, you will also wonder why you ever went elsewhere.

“Vernon and JK are great! Very respectable and professional . Offer appointments which make things easy and efficient . They offer high end cuts at an affordable price. They will have you walking out feeling like a new person after a cut.”

A. McDowell 

“If you want to look good and don’t have all day to wait for it, Noble Barber & Beauty is the place to go. I get in the chair as soon as I walk in; out in 30 minutes, every time.”

B. Baxter

“Great kid friendly environment. Multiple televisions for watching while you wait. Vending machines. Comfortable seating.”

A. Black


The Noble Team

Noble Barber & Beauty has some of the most talented and experienced barbers and stylists in Cincinnati. Each is dedicated to their craft and helping their customers look their best all the time. 

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Vernon Jackson


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Joshua “JK” Kimber


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